Monday, February 19, 2007

What model is best for teaching reading:skills driven, comprehension driven or an integrated approach?

What is the best model for teaching? Which model was used when you learned to read? How do you spend your time teaching? How would you like to spend your time?

Some thoughts on Skills-Driven Model:

Need to build skills: phonics, blending, correlate sounds and symbols, syllabication, vocabulary, word families, use rules such as "ing always says 'ing' ring, sing, ding.

You can work on this by playing games, writing sentences, writing essays and working with family at home. Also, write stories and read them back. Explore mistakes learned during language class. Use charts and movements for memorizing letter sounds. Flash cards to help memorize sounds and sight words. Cooperative reading with partners. Repetitive reading.

These are adult learners.
How do you approach teaching letter sounds?
Adults already know a lot, use what students already know and build on those skills.

Building skills is essential to reading. Are there any tips or ideas we left out?

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twocs said...

There are so many exceptions to every rule. Even for "ing always says 'ing' ring, sing, ding" there's a word like boing that does not exactly fit.

I think a comprehension based model is better, with some skills taught but not as the focus of the class.